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In the garage punk would of the White Stripes, The Hives and The Strokes, English-German quartet Trashmonkeys can hold their heads high as contempies in the league of garageland.

Forming in 1995, singing/guitarist Andreas WolfInger, bass player Daz Fralick and Gunnar Riedel fused all their influences together. Into the melting pot; 60s-garage, 77-punk and a pinch of Britpop into their own unique and infectious style. Releasing their debut self titled CD on the Weser Label in 1998. Building on the response to the record and reputation as a lean mean live machine the band were chosen as special guests for the CRAMPS tour '98 as well as numerous supports to the immense pleasure of HELLACOPTERS, ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT or THE HIVES all who cited them as the premier German act. On the back of these gigs they started to tour through Germany and Austria as headliners in their own right.

Signing to Acid Jazz in 2001, the boys released the single Sundays, which again went down well and was listed by XFM. 2002 saw the group release their 2nd album Clubtown. The album show a stronger, more confident feel. With a Hammond B3 running thought the LP. Critics were high in their praise for the record. Nobody was the secord single to be lifted for the LP and again the response was high. Using the rest of 2002 to play out and write new material. The band were in great shape for 2003.

Having toured with the Buzzcocks, Trashmonkeys have already started to lay down tracks for their next LP to be released early 2004. The high-octane mix of Who/Kinks 60’s mod and Adverts/Clash punk aesthetic is a breath of fresh air on today’s rock’n’roll circuit   

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