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It’s time to put on those clumpy white stack heel shoes, pull down your American tan tights half-mast and reveal those carpet burns, assume the position ‘cos it’s Jarvis Humby. For those of you who are not familiar with these suburban Casanovas. Jarvis Humby are the lovers of women and women love the Humby.  When not writhing in the snake pit, they enjoy playing musical equipment. Starting life as an out & out Garage / R'n'B outfit, about 5 years ago, playing material inspired by the likes of Bo Diddley, The Rolling Stones circa ‘64, Dr. Feelgood & The Prisoners. The band name was borrowed from a bloke the first drummer worked with at the M.O.D., who dressed exactly like Mr. Benn (bowler hat & all) but with a ginger Afro (true). After playing around with the line up, searching for "their sound". They hit gold and released their debut single on Detour Records, which became extremely popular right across Europe especially in Bulgaria where the members are known as Jarvis “Flukinburger” Humby.

Active gigging, the length & breadth of their own country from Ramsgate to Aberdeen & everywhere in between (excluding Halifax and Chipping Onger) has built up a solid live following

Playing this kind of music because its the sort of stuff that turns the band into trouser arousering love Zebras regardless of whether it’s in vogue, the band have found themselves in the middle of a garage punk revival.

Seen on the psych scene as the debauched cohorts of Zodiac Mindwarp due to their aftershow drink fights. The lanky  four piece now play a raw hybrid of demon soul & punked-out garage, with screaming Hammond, guitar fuzz, bloodthirsty vocals & a rhythm section that's tighter than Tom Thumb's arsehole! 

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