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Detroit City Council


Thomas Jackson Potter and fellow Dirtbomb Jim Diamond began work on an album during downtime between various projects with other Detroit bands. At various drunken parties at the Ghetto Records studio they found the musicians who could bring Potter’s songs into snarling, sleazy life. The fuzzed out funk blues monolith that is the Detroit City Council was born!

A veteran of the Detroit scene, Potter first came to the UK’s attention fronting the noisy groundbreaking garage squall of Bantam Rooster- it’s hard to believe they are only a two-piece! The band released two LP’s on famous garage label Crypt, moving later to Sympathy, with a forthcoming posthumous release to boot. He is also serving time as fuzzman in the notorious Dirtbombs, featuring on breakout LP ‘Ultraglide In Black’. At  live shows Potter is the Flava Flav of the band  with his banter and on-stage antics- he is already infamous after an interview on Sir John Peel’s legendary Radio 1 show, where the word about DCC was first spread, and has been described as ‘unofficially diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder’!

At a Dirtbombs show in London an unsuspecting Potter went backstage to find the DJ’s for the evening, Acid Jazz’s very own Eddie Piller and Neil Perry, guzzling their free beer, and gave them a demo. Three days later, Acid Jazz, unsurprising as they are all former mods and garage rockers, were ready to deal! Never was a label more prepared to clasp a band to its bosom, and vice versa…

Having duly signed and recruited the Detroit luminaries with the necessary talent to record and look good onstage, the Detroit City Council was born kicking and screaming.. Thus far, their live shows have been a raucous, tight as hell mix of thumpin’ funk garage and lurid sexual innuendo. Crowd response has been …well, let’s just say moist and very enthusiastic.

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